About me

Some moment have special importance for our professional careers or our private lives. For me, the fall of the Iron Curtain in autumn 1989 was such a key experience.

I grew up just a few kilometers away from the then Austrian – Czechoslovakian border. The Iron Curtain had not only divided countries, it had divided families (as I learned myself with huge surprise in 1989) and it had created solid boundaries in our individual and collective mental maps. The unexpected, peaceful and yet dramatic change of 1989 let new possibilities emerge: Widening perspectives, reuniting families, creating new relationships, creating cross-border cooperation.

A few years later I became project manager and head of department for cross-border cooperation projects at ecoplus. I supported companies, public organizations and private initiatives to cooperate along the former Iron Curtain.

From that time on my field of work has been “cooperation”: In my work with intercultural teams, also in sensitive areas of international development cooperation in Asia, Africa and Europe. In the facilitation of workshops, seminars and conferences. In team coaching, when (seemingly hindering) differences are integrated. In personal coaching, when a coachee strives to overcome inner boundaries, creating new potentials. In conflict mediation, when mental maps are suddenly changed by the cooperative act of listening.

Loving to be a coach. Striving for professional and personal growth. Grateful to colleagues and clients alike.


  • Urban and regional planning studies (Technical University Vienna, University of Newcastle, Academic Title: Dipl.Ing.)
  • Organizational development studies (University Klagenfurt, MSc.)
  • Certified FUTURE® Coach, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF)


  • Certified mediator (“eingetragener Mediator” according to Austrian law)
  • Certified psychological counsellor (“Diplomierter Lebens- und Sozialberater”)
  • Continuous training in intercultural communication, systemic consultancy, constellation, facilitation, training, project management etc.