Caring about Conflicts – Mediation and Coaching

Conflicts are bothersome. Conflicts are information. Conflicts tell us that something in our life needs more attention. That we are invited or even requested to reflect and to make decisions. That it might be about time to leave old habits and old thoughts behind us.

If we master conflicts they will teach us, enrich us, help us to develop better ways in our common future. Dealing with conflicts costs us energy, time and money. Not dealing with conflicts might cost us even more.

As a certified mediator (“eingetragener Mediator” according to Austrian law) I support conflict partners, to cooperatively develop sustainable solutions. Within a team, between organizational units or between project partners. Both in business and in private life.

It’s not always possible or the right time to gather all conflict partners at one table. Alternatively I offer coaching for individual conflict partners, to prepare themselves for best possible communication and decision-making. For themselves, considering the others AND for the common good.