COACHING UNDER SAIL, June to September 2022, Lake Neusiedl, Austria

Where do I want to go? How do I use the present wind to reach my future goal? Do I rush to throw off the bowlines? Do I lead the way or am I led by circumstances? How much heeling is alright for me?

Going under sail offers plentiful metaphors for leadership and personal development. Moreover, coaching under sail offers an unique experience.

My offer:

  • Half a day (or even one day)
  • Intensive individual coaching
  • Your individual development goal in focus
  • On the 23 feet sailing yacht “Barolo” at Lake Neusiedl, Austria.

Please note:

  • No sailing skills required.
  • Subject to weather conditions. It’s the skipper’s (=coach) responsibility to decide whether weather conditions allow the full sailing experience. First priority is that you are safe and you feel comfortable! As a rule of thumb: If wind speed will likely exceed 15 knots (> 4 Beaufort) or in case of rain or risk of thunderstorm the coaching session will take place in the harbor or will be rescheduled.
  • You are welcome aboard the private sailing yacht “Barolo” solely at your own risk. Please let me know beforehand, if you have any doubts about being fit for a sailing experience.